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Pastor’s Corner Dec 20, 2012

For several years now I have wanted to have a Pastor’s page on our web site. A place where I could write about things that are of interest to me and maybe to you. Things I would not normally preach, although I preach about things that other preachers won’t. In the last four years or so the Lord has shown me some things on how to prepare for the beat down this nation is about to endure. Preachers are not preaching about it or even talking about it. Our nation is getting ready to implode on itself and thrust all of us into a great depression. This is the least that can happen! God has so many things in his arsenal to judge this nation that it will make you tremble. What ever happens, we deserve it as a people, a nation, and even a church, to be tried by fire (Rev 3:18).

This urgency to get ready came four years ago after I lost both my parents within a month. Since that time I cannot shake this intense urgency to get as ready as I can for what is coming. These are the type of things I want to post about. I am not very good at writing so you will have to excuse my command of the English language. I have been outlining messages and Bible studies for 30 yrs, but writing out a thought is not an easy thing for me, so be merciful.

I will leave you with a joke and a tease to my next post: What is the difference between a Christian who trusts God with all his heart, but does not prepare for trouble and a Christian who trusts God with all his heart and does prepare for trouble?

About 50 pounds!

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