Why KJV?

We have the privilege as Believers to stand for the inerrant, infallible, inspired and preserved words of God against all those who would place themselves as authorities above God’s Word.

What person in their right mind would try to convince you that you cannot have God’s word, but must rely on a man (a scholar) to show you what God really means to say? God has given each of us His Words and has given us the ability and responsibility to search the Scriptures and to study them. II Timothy 2:15 Don’t let the Word of God be taken from you. Be like the Bereans! We are including the link to messages preached at Philadelphia Baptist Church about why we believe the KING JAMES AUTHORIZED VERSION. Please listen and consider the facts.

There exists two authorities in the Church today, those who believe in the preservation of the word of God found in the King James Bible as their inerrant final authority, or those who are trusting scholarship as their final authority to give them what they think is the word of God.

One of the greatest deceptions ever perpetrated against the body of Christ in our present day is “We believe in the infallible, inerrant, inspired words of the living God in the originals.” The church, university, or learning institution that declares this or any variation like it, has never, by their own testimony, ever had in their possession the words of God, and could not show you a Bible that is the word of God without error. They are telling you what every believer already knows, that the original autographs are the inerrant, infallible word of God. The problem, brethren, is that not one of those originals exists today; they turned to dust long ago. If you were to ask them to hand you the words of God without error, they could not do it. They would recommend several versions that they say captures the true meaning or are closer to the originals, but how would they know what version captures the true meaning, or is closer to the originals if there are no originals by which to compare it? Their response is scholarship, the “Yea, hath God said” society, who have put out nearly 250 versions of the Bible, in English alone. Through manuscripts, the Dead Sea scrolls, lost letters, and archaeological evidence they try to convince us we can find what God lost in the dust. But nearly 250 versions later they are no closer to achieving their goal as when they began, because for them there is no final authority existing on this earth today.

Imagine a God who can speak this universe into existence with all of its incredible complexity, and yet cannot keep a 1,500 page book! The doctrine that has been eliminated for scholarship is the doctrine of preservation. We have an infallible God, and we have his infallible Words, and I am not referring to Jesus Christ who is the Incarnate Word. The Bible says his words are forever settled in heaven, but are also purified and preserved on earth, Psalm 119:89, Psalm 12:6-7.

I can only think of one Book that God has been blessing for 400 years, and when the church believed it, we had the greatest period of church history since the Apostles penned their original autographs. This is the Authorized Version of 1611, or the King James Bible. We deal with a God of absolutes, heaven or hell, saved or lost, sin or righteousness, and yet according to some “godly” brethren God provided no absolute standard for us by which to worship and live. Try building anything, even a dog house, without an absolute standard, like a tape measure, square, or level. Our world operates on standards, without them we cannot perform the simplest of tasks. When the Lord Jesus took his journey home to the right hand of the Father, did he leave us to carry on without a standard of righteousness?

We at Philadelphia Baptist Church believe we have that purified absolute standard by which every thing in this world must be examined including all foreign translations. Our absolute authority is the King James Bible, not anyone’s opinion or preference. God chose an island nation (England) in which to produce this standard, not America. We get our time (GMT), our location (latitude and longitude), our measurement of heat (BTU) and the universal language of our day, spoken in every airport in the world, and accepted as the primary trade language, all from England. Our Standard was authorized by a King, (Eccl. 8:4), and has traversed every nation on this earth and produced the greatest missionary and evangelistic endeavors since the Holy Spirit descended at Pentecost to begin his work. The defection from this position has led to powerlessness and wide spread apostasy, leaving the body of Christ flat on its back before a lost and dying world. The difference between the Philadelphia church and the Laodicean church is the Philadelphia church kept his word! Revelation 3:7-8

“Then said I, Lo, I come: in the volume of the book it is written of me” Psalm 40:7.

Videos in Defense of the King James Bible